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Hawthorn Flower - The Basics of Hawthorne Supplement

Hawthorn is a bush that very much resembles that of roses with the thick brush and sharp thorns to protect them. The hawthorn flower has long been used as an herbal remedy for multiple ailments including such things as heart disease, high blood pressure, insomnia and even sore throat. It has since shown useful as a treatment for high cholesterol and anxiety. The new uses for the supplement are prompting many to turn to it for increased circulation and positive heart health for many ages.

Through the extraction of the hawthorn flower a supplement is made in capsule form. These capsules come in a variety of dosages including 510 mg and are taken one or two capsules once or twice a day. This dosage can be varied based on the reason for usage as well as doctor suggestions. Individuals who are currently being treated for heart disease or any other ailment should discuss taking this supplement with their physician. In addition, although there is no reported adverse affect when taking this supplement, all medications you are currently taking should be discussed with your doctor.

Using hawthorn extract supplements created from hawthorn flower has been known to provide more blood to the heart creating better heart health. The supplement will not stop a heart attack when it is happening. It also should not be used in place of any medication that your physician is prescribing you. Taking more than is suggested for dosage on the label of the hawthorn extract supplements should not be attempted without discussing it with your doctor. The supplement should not be used for any other purpose than suggested. Making sure to drink plenty of water when taking the supplement will allow it to work to its fullest potential.

Though side effects are rare resulting from the use of supplements created from the hawthorn flower, some of the possible side effects might be nausea, dizziness, headache, sedation, faintness or sweating. Though these symptoms are mild you should mention them to your physician. If you suffer from facial swelling, swelling of the throat, swelling of the lips, shortness of breath, hives, rash or severe faintness you may be allergic to the supplement and medical attention should be sought out immediately. You should also be sure to read the ingredients of the supplement to ensure that there are no other ingredients within the capsules that you might be allergic to.